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Excited Children in Science Class

Our Curriculum

Making Learning Connections Through Play and The Creative Curriculum

Kinder Academy Centers allow children time to explore and discover their own connections to prior-learned knowledge each day through a variety of Key Learning opportunities. All children, regardless of age and ability, need opportunities to engage in practice activities and experiences that are steeped in play and we at Kinder Academy are committed to providing this to all children in our care.

Daily Learning Opportunities

Your child will have the opportunity to enjoy a variety of learning activities designed to meet his or her developmental needs. Age appropriate learning activities are offered daily in all Kinder Academy Centers and incorporate the Pennsylvania Standards of Learning for Early Childhood Education. Our centers utilize outdoor experiences, both structured and open ended learning activities and a professionally designed curriculum to help build a solid foundation of educational tools. From shapes to letters, music to movement, it is our top priority to make sure your child has a great time while "learning through play" at our centers.

Language and Literacy Development

Communication occurs in different ways and Kinder Academy recognizes this as well as the importance of Early Literacy. At Kinder Academy, children are exposed to a variety of literature that help them to acquire new information and a personal self sense of fulfillment. Children are also encouraged to use spoken and written language to communicate effectively with others. By listening to daily rhyming stories, experiencing varying genres of literature, participating in finger plays and songs as well as engaging in word play activities, children at Kinder Academy begin an early development of Literacy awareness.

Creative Expression

Creative thinking and expression is an important component of children’s early learning experiences. Children who are given opportunities to develop their imagination and creativity through a variety of media are learning to express their individuality in interests, abilities and knowledge. Our Kinder Academy teachers support creative learning by providing concrete, process- oriented play experiences that encourage children to use their imagination and to experiment with new ideas and materials.

Mathematical Thinking And Expression

At Kinder Academy we recognize that mathematical learning in the early years relies on children’s opportunities to describe and explore the relationship of objects and materials. Children’s knowledge and understanding of mathematics is built through active manipulation where children use their senses to build concept knowledge in the areas of numbers and operations, patterns, algebra, geometry, measurement, and comparison. Our Kinder Academy teachers facilitate mathematical learning when they encourage children to problem solve, reason, communicate, connect and represent.

Scientific Thinking and Technology

Kinder Academy knows that young children are naturally curious about their environment and the world around them and learn best when allowed to actively explore using their senses. These experiences provide the foundation for abstract and scientific thought. At Kinder Academy scientific concepts are incorporated throughout the key areas of early learning; for example, children use pretend play to explore and manipulate materials, creative arts to express their ideas, and literacy and language arts to research answers to questions.

Health, Wellness, and Physcal Development

Children’s future health and well- being are directly related to the development and strengthening of their gross and fine motor muscles. Kinder Academy realizes that children must have opportunities to experience active indoor and outdoor play in which they can use their bodies to explore the environment while acquiring muscle control, balance, coordination, strength , eye-hand coordination and other related skills. Health and safety activities are integrated throughout the day as teachers model healthy and safe practices and promote healthy lifestyles for children.

Interactive Learning

With the academy, there are a number of math and science interactive learning activities to choose from. Furthermore, interaction groups help to motivate and inspire, as well as teach how to work well with others.

Summer Camp

Summer camps will be starting for those who are entering the 1st through 6th grades. Our summer camps provide your child with a structured learning environment and a whole lot of fun. We use creative- and curriculum-based lesson plans along with the Pennsylvania learning standards to create the weekly lesson plans for infants all the way through school age.

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