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Signature Childcare For Your Family
Moon, Robinson, and Kennedy PA

Child Care

With professional standards and qualified, exemplary educators on staff, we offer child care services filled with learning, fun, and enjoyment for your child when you have to be elsewhere. Count on Kinder Academy Learning Centers for child care from 6 weeks to 12 years of age as well as before and after school care. Your child will enjoy a wide variety of age-appropriate programs professionally designed to challenge, nurture and teach.

Each day at Kinder Academy, your child will receive:

          Structured Key Learning Activities

          Interactive / Hands On Educational Opportunities

          Curriculum-Based Lesson Plans

          (aligned with ECE PA  Standards Of Learning)

          Meals/Snacks (Breakfast, Lunch, Snacks)

Kinder Academy Mission

Our mission at Kinder Academy is to provide a healthy, safe, and nurturing environment for all children. We strive to teach children skills that will prepare them for their futures within Kinder Academy and beyond by providing quality care and pursuing standards that surpass those of the established child care fundamentals.

Our Curriculum

Making Learning Connections Through Play and The Creative Curriculum

Kinder Academy Centers allow children time to explore and discover their own connections to prior-learned knowledge each day through a variety of Key Learning opportunities. All children, regardless of age and ability, need opportunities to engage in practice activities and experiences that are steeped in play and we at Kinder Academy are committed to providing this to all children in our care.​

Our Curriculum

Kids _ Bubbles
Children's Race
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